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Weaving With Worlds: Publications

The first part of Reassemble Lab took place (online) from Tuesday 14 June to 27 July. Under the title Weaving With Worlds, we collectively investigated the possibilities and potential of worldbuilding to give imagination to much needed transformations. Weaving With Worlds invited audiovisual worldbuilders (both in image and sound), speculative designers, fictional writers, ecologists, technologists, scholars and activists to experiment, share knowledge and work together on possible new works.

We did this through different ways of shaping worlds; from crafting stories through worldbuilding eco-fiction, discussing the many methods of worldbuilding, learning from the practice of various worldbuilders (active in art, performance and design), applying non-human ways of story development with machine learning and finally exploring some of the scanning and simulation technologies which are used to construct characters and environments. There are many prototypes still being developed by collaborators.

We have invited various writers, researchers and artists to make a contribution to the written documentation of Weaving With Worlds. During the upcoming weeks we will share readings and interviews on the lab and worldbuilding.

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  • Reassemble Lab: On creating spaces for fictioning
    30/08/2021 Medium, by Bilyana Palankasova
    De-coding the Cloud — In Conversation with Abdo Hassan
    01/09/2021 Medium, by Rhian Morris
    Embedded Metaphors of the Digital — In Conversation with Mick Jongeling
    13/09/2021 Medium, by Jarl Schulp & Rhian Morris
    Wording With Worlds
    27/09/2021 Medium, by Mahdi Nasser
    Planet City: an anthropologist’s perspective
    24/11/2021 Medium, by Freek van Til