Reassemble Part 2: Sound Ecologies

6 September - 12 September (physical)


Sound Ecologies

Experiences to sense environments in transformation

The second part within FIBER Festival’s Reassemble lab explores the potential of (spatial) sound experiences to investigate and sense ecological processes and landscapes in transformation. With Sound Ecologies we invite artists, designers, musicians, ecologists and scientists who work with, or are interested in, the medium of sound to conduct artistic and design research.
The physcial lab takes place between September 6 – 12 in The Netherlands.

Sound Ecologies offers a temporary lab space for collective experimentation, peer-to-peer research and the prototyping of new works; sonic, narrative spaces, performances and (sound) installations. Work sessions will focus on techniques and methods, expanding to experiencing sound as tactile sensations through transducers, or visualizing recorded sounds. The relationships between sound and our material reality are important topics in the lab. Participation is possible through an open call.

Open Call

Open Call

The temporary Sound Ecologies lab invites artistic creators, researchers and scientists to collaborate in a peer-to-peer setting. You will investigate the possibilities of sonic experiences in relation to the interweaving of anthropocentric and ecological activities. How can we get a better understanding of the functioning and transformation of ecosystems (or parts of them)? How can we map an environment to tell untold stories about it?

The aim of the lab is to introduce participants to various artistic and scientific work processes, to explore an environment through sonic mapping and to use these methods to experiment with prototypes for new works.

The Reassemble team, in cooperation with external experts, selects a group of participants of diverse composition. The participation fee is € 70. This gives you access to all parts of the lab, all lectures, workshops and mentor feedback. We are aware that in this pandemic reality it is not possible for everyone to pay this amount. If you would like to participate, but are unable to pay the fee, please contact us so we can search for a solution together.

  • Launch Open Call Sound Ecologies: Thursday July 15
  • Open Call Closes: Monday August 9 (23:59)
  • Selection Participants: the week after August 9 (contact by email)
  • The lab happens between September 6 – 12, in the Amsterdam area. The exact days will be announced soon, but take into account a 5-day programme.


Team, Mentors & Guests

We will be releasing the names of more mentors, workshop leaders and speakers soon. Watch this space!

  • Mahdi Nasser
    Researcher & Lab Support
    Xandra van der Eijk
    Mentor, curator, Selection Comittee
    Mark IJzerman
    Mentor, curator, Selection Comittee
    Jarl Schulp
    Mentor, curator, Selection Comittee
    Rhian Morris
    Researcher, Assistant Curator, Lab Production


Critical Tool Analysis

Parallel to the ‘making’, Sound Ecologies critically reflects on the historical and sociopolitical contexts in which digital tools are created and the contemporary (digital) cultures they are part of. The ways in which technological developments shape a multitude of different futures can be liberating for some and dehumanizing for others.  They are forces of extraction, exclusion and division, while they simultaneously offer the possibility to give form and imagination to new, necessary realities.

Who develops the tools and platforms we use? What is the cultural impact and political/commercial origin of simulation technologies and machine learning? In what ways do the current forms of these technologies relate to ecological and social problems? Do they help with creating solutions? Do they add fuel to the fire? What possibilities are there for artistic practices to adapt their use, or even reassemble them to accommodate representation and inclusion? A network of researchers will investigate the lab methods, techniques and principles and disseminate them through our platform.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

In addition to understanding our entanglement with a multispecies reality, the lab will strive to bring together a rich prism of perspectives – including feminist, queer, non-binary, trans and voices of color – to share resources, time and space with many different imaginations of our near-future societies. We warmly welcome participants from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds and people from LGBTQIA+ communities.

Despite some of the technical aspects of the lab, the focus will be on unlocking and accessing a wide variety of (non-coding) skills. This will be done through interdisciplinary collaboration and conceptual approaches to topics. Therefore, the lab will also be a valuable environment for newcomers to narrative, sonification and visualisation techniques.

What is Reassemble?

FIBER Festival’s Lab for Art Technology and Ecology

Do you strive to bring awareness to multi-layered and interdependent ecologies? Do you want to perceive reality through sensorial experiences and explore more-than-human futures? Are you curious to share knowledge between makers and thinkers and work with technology in interdisciplinary ways? If so, we invite you to gather and reassemble.

Reassemble is FIBER Festival’s new multi-year lab programme that will connect the festival editions. The lab strives to contribute to our understanding of great planetary challenges by supporting artistic makers and inquisitive thinkers in prototyping new (collaborative) works and ways of knowing. This takes place in partnership with research institutions and other cultural organisations. 

The lab offers multi-day programmes consisting of workshops, collaborative working sessions, field trips, discussions and public programmes. Various topics and developments are explored in thematic blocks – called ‘Parts’ – and a wide variety of tool(kits) and methods are exchanged. In 2021, the first two Parts will take place, leading up to a new FIBER Festival edition.

Reassemble believes in the civic agency of a new generation of audiovisual artists, designers, coders, performers and researchers who are materialising and speculating about mutual interactions between humans, and regenerative relationships between ourselves and our environment.

Reassemble is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Stimuleringsfonds. Design by Mary Universe (Mary Ponomareva).


Reassemble is made possible with the generous support of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Creative Industry Fund NL. Project partners are CREATURES and Tolhuistuin.