FIBER Festival 2022

16 - 19 June, Amsterdam + Online


Thank you for attending our 7th edition!

The seventh edition of FIBER Festival is a fact! After a long period of adapting and rethinking, it was special to be able to present the whole scope of the festival. For four days, our visitors met Dutch and international makers and thinkers to collectively explore the second part of our theme, Mutation. We danced, discussed, experienced, we were impressed, disturbed and addressed.Thank you for attending our 2022 edition! We had an absolute blast and hope you did too.



With the theme Mutation (Part II), FIBER Festival continues its investigation into the (in)ability of humankind to adapt to a radically transforming earth. Now zooming in and out on the collisions between worldviews, industrial and spiritual realms and proposals for the future. Are we, forced by global warming and planetary-wide technological developments, able to steer towards a post-human world? Through artistic explorations, we offered mind-altering perspectives on this question during the festival programme. Artists, musicians, researchers and performers shared their beliefs and speculations on the nature of mutation through sound, image, space, and sensory experiences.