FIBER Festival 2020

September 24 – 27, Amsterdam


Thank you for attending our 5th edition

FIBER Festival 2020 was an edition to remember. The immense impact of COVID-19 has put us—and the cultural field in general—in a though spot. It forced us to postpone the 5th festival edition to September (initially it was planned in May) and had to adapt the festival programme to offer space both for discussions and presentations of talented artists.



With the theme Instability the 2020 festival invited a new generation of interdisciplinary makers and thinkers, who each offered a new perspective on the relationship between humans and their environment. They create stories and experiences that invited us to question our position within the planet, addressing climate change and geological activities in new ways.

More than 1400 visitors joined us to explore alternative perspectives on our radically instable 21st century world.