FIBER Festival 2020

September 24 – 27, Amsterdam


First Information

FIBER Festival is an Amsterdam based festival for audio-visual art, digital culture and electronic music. With the programme – which consists of multi-sensory art, performances and in-depth lectures – FIBER presents emerging art practices that offer alternative perspectives on our 21st century society.

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With the festival theme of Instability we explore new ways of adapting to an age of planetary and societal changes. What opportunities are open to artistic making and thinking to contribute to this transformation?

Our living environment is often presented to us as stable and unquestionable. Landscapes, borders and technological infrastructures are considered static entities. Yet current crises now force us to transform the way we relate to our ecological surroundings. Extreme weather, droughts, wildfires and viruses are forces of nature that tear apart our modern way of living with far-reaching consequences.

The festival aims to seek artistic narratives, skills and sensibilities to prepare us for an alternative life in a period of uncertainty and radical instability.

Concert Muziekgebouw

The Rest Is Noise: Jenny Hval + Félicia Atkinson (Postponed)

This event is postponed until further notice due to COVID-19

Jenny Hval presents The Practice of Love

The Practice of Love is a multidisciplinary immersion in music, literature and movement by Jenny Hval. Exploring sonic, visual and choreographic ideas while transforming voices, sounds and even bodies into texts, it investigates the connection between life and art, bringing together the possibility of creating art and relating to other people, while looking for empathy and a common language through speaking, singing and writing together.

The Practice of Love is co-produced by Black Box teater and Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

Location: Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam)
Date: Wednesday May 13, 2020


Félicia Atkinson (Live)

Soaking in the music of writer and sound poet Félicia Atkinson is an equally mind-altering experience. Exploring topics of improvisation, deep listening, ambient and language, her sources of inspiration are ‘‘women who wonder, dream, and create vacant spaces in their art.’’ Her haunting sound is a mixture of field recordings and ambient music, while using reverberations of gong, vibraphone and marimba to produce sonic landscapes that are both eerie and serene. In 2019 she released her latest album ‘The Flower And The Vessel’ to critical acclaim.

Dilettante (DJ)
Amsterdam based Dilettante will play before, in between and after the shows.