FIBER Studio Visits

Visiting Amsterdam's 'hidden' spaces of creation



Inspired by the Studio Visits series by Berlin based Retune, FIBER will organise a new series of artistic expeditions in and around the Amsterdam area. These informal meetings will bring you into the hearth of inspiring art and design practises: their studio spaces.

The FIBER Studio Visits will explore the actual work spaces, listen to introductions by the makers, see tests, research, prototypes and – above all – offering the opportunity to ask personal question and informally meet others from the art and design community. Each edition is free to join and we’ll make sure there will be cold drinks.


– Studio Visit #7: Thursday April 19th – Singletons | Facebook event | RSVP
– Studio Visit #6: Thursday February 8th – PIPS:Lab | Facebook event

– Studio Visit #5: Thursday December 14th – Synergetica Lab | Facebook event

– Studio Visit #4: Thursday April 13th – Salvador Breed | Facebook event
– Studio Visit #3: Thursday January 19th – Joost Rekveld | Facebook event

– Studio Visit #2: Thursday November 10th – Random Studio | Facebook event
– Studio Visit #1: Thursday September 8th  – Tellart  | Facebook event

Why these visits?

For ages the studio has played a central role in the work of a wide variety of independent artists, designers and companies. Even the representation of the studio space itself has a long tradition within the arts. We see studios as a spatial laboratory where sketches, experiments, prototypes are created and material research is conducted. Bigger studios are places where disciplines, visions and skills meet. But they can also be spaces of thought; one that offers a cognitive shelter to focus and remove oneself from the reality of everyday life.

Nowadays digital technologies are a driving force within cultural and commercial production. Makers create their own unique tools, online platforms make it possible to exchange code and knowledge, new aesthetics emerge from technological development and hybrid experiences come to life. We mostly see the end results presented on stage, in an exhibition space or while being online. Rarely do we get a chance to look behind the surface of an project; to see the inner workings of a project and the way it was created. Or why? This becomes even harder when parts of the creative process become distributed over a network or/and through the use of online resources and communities.

The FIBER Studio Visits offers a peek into the methods, materials and tools that shape contemporary studios practices. Getting to know the artistic process can yield many valuable insights about the interaction between vision, skills, tools, materials, networked communities and audiences. We believe that shared knowledge and reflection on the manufacturing processes and concepts is valuable to support emerging practises. Through their work we get a better understanding of the production of art and culture in the post-digital age. The Studio Visits thus function as a temporary space to meet, wonder, share, learn and collect insights in unique art and design practices the Amsterdam area has to offer.

Image: Studio Refik Anadol