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FIBER is all about music and visuals, merging them into an immersive audiovisual experience. Within a podcast this ambition might be difficult to realise, but to give an idea of what inspires the artists, each podcast is accompanied by a text exploring the groundwork of the mix; describing influences, ideas, technique and visual potential. Augmenting your musical journey!

The FIBER podcast has featured a variety of upcoming, and highly acclaimed DJ’s and producers like, Area Forty_One, Evad, John Osborn and Ness. It also features Dutch heroes, such as Conforce, Klen, Mattikk, Mohlao, Niklas Vaggh and the Distant Drummers (mixe by Artefakt). Our podcast is a continues platform to present dedicated artists and adventurous sounds connecting the deeper corners of electronic music.


  • FIBER Podcast 20 - Leonid
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  • Fabian van Sluijs
    Fabian van Sluijs