• FIBER Podcast 21 - Bona

FIBER Podcast Archive (2011 – 2020)

Almost 10 years of exploring the deeper corners of electronic music



FIBER is all about music and visuals, merging them into an immersive audiovisual experience. Within a podcast this ambition might be difficult to realise, but to give an idea of what inspires the artists, each podcast is accompanied by a text exploring the groundwork of the mix; describing influences, ideas, technique and visual potential. Augmenting your musical journey!

Series 2011 – 2020
The first series of the FIBER Podcast ran from 2011 to 2020 and was curated by different team members. Curation was mainly by Luuk Meuffels (lead), Fabian van der Sluijs, and in the first years also by Leon Lubberdink. Interviews by Fabian van Sluijs. Communication and editing was handled by Sietse van der Meer and Jessica Dreu. Toine Kamps was responsible for web development.

It is a natural process to end something, so that there is room for new things to emerge. After releasing 39 FIBER Podcasts over a period of almost 10 years we arrived at number 40 in 2020; the final release in this series by none other than Brighton based selector Alex Downey.

The FIBER podcast has featured a variety of upcoming, and highly acclaimed DJ’s and producers like, Dustin, Lux, Ena, Area Forty_One, Evad, John Osborn , Ali Wade and Ness. It also features Dutch heroes and talents, such as Conforce, Klen, Mattikk, Fenna Fiction, upsammy, Mohlao, Niklas Vaggh and the Distant Drummers (mix by Artefakt). Our podcast might be coming back in the future to serve once again as a platform to present dedicated artists and adventurous sounds, connecting the deeper corners of electronic music.



Team Members

  • Leon Lubberdink
    Leon Lubberdink
    Curator (Early days)
    Sietse van der Meer
    Sietse van der Meer
    Luuk Meuffels
    Luuk Meuffels
    Curator (Lead)
    Fabian van Sluijs
    Fabian van Sluijs
    Curator, Editor, Interviews
    Jessica Dreu
    Jessica Dreu