FIBER Festival 2024

May 29 - June 2, Amsterdam.


Thank you for attending our 9th edition!

FIBER Festival 2024 has come to an end… Thank you for visiting, performing and speaking!

the ninth edition is officially a wrap! Over five days, we reflected upon the fraught separations between our bodies and environments, envisioned more-than-human futures, and explored multisensory realms. Following two exhibitions, a number of site-specific installations and performances, four sonic and AV performance events, two days of critical conversations and a high-octane club night till early morning, we are looking back on the theme of Outer/Body.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the wonderful artists, speakers, team and the outstanding crew and volunteers (from driver, runners to hosts and stage hands)—and you, the audience, for joining us along this journey. This would not have been the same without you!




This year we were guided by the theme “Outer/Body”, which investigated the physical, virtual, and ecological connections between bodies. How are our bodies connected and extended through spaces and networks, both technologically and ecologically? Are the boundaries between our bodies fixed or erected from outdated conceptions of our earthly reality? Is our skin a hard border or a porous interface? What extreme weather conditions or sensory experiences challenge our bodies, and what ways do we find to resist? And, what is the influence of contemporary digital technology within the control and representation of bodies?

This theme was explored from different angles and modes: from installation art and in-depth talks about artistic research to sensorial storytelling through concerts, performances, and a genre-fluid club night.