European Festival Network



The European Festival Network (working title) consists a number of festival and platforms who are connecting their artistic programmes, research facilities and residency opportunities to co-create new artistic productions and match-making programmes. One of the network goals of the network will be the presentation of local artists in different festivals to stimulate the exchange of unique knowledge, skills and research areas.

By connecting these elements with a series of projects across this European network, FIBER and its partners are building a long-term talent development programme, and thus grow an environment to launch new artistic productions. Part of the network are Berlin based Retune, KIKK Festival in Namur and Mirage Festival in Lyon.

FIBER x Retune

From October 6 – 8, 2016 we present two artists from our network within one of Retune’s festival topics ‘Neuronal Creation’. Both Mischa Daams (NL) and Dries Depoorter (BE / NL) will present their latest projects and will actively engage with the festival participants through presentations, meetups and a workshop. The goal of this collaboration is to support the development of the artistic productions of these artists and to connect them with Retune’s unique network and knowledge about machine learning.


FIBER x Retune 2016 Programme
– Mischa Daams (NL) presents: ‘Origin: Cycle’
   Presentation, break-out session & installation
– Dries Depoorter (BE / NL) presents: ‘Browser History Dating’ & ‘Deep Dream Drake’
   Presentation, workshop and installation


FIBER will join forces with KIKK festival in Namur (Belgium) from November 3 to 5, 2016. The sixth edition of KIKK offers an international programme of art, design, technology and creativity. This year KIKK invites FIBER to present a selection of Dutch artists from their network who are connected to this year’s theme ‘Interference’.


FIBER x KIKK 2016 Programme
– Nicky Assmann & Joris Strijbos – Moiré Studies (installation)
– Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof – CUBE (installation)
– Nicky Assmann (keynote)
– Dennis de Bel & Roel Roscam-Abbing – Spectrum Scanning: an introduction to Software Defined Radio (2 day workshop)


If you are interested in meeting new artists and designer from our networks, you should join us at KIKK for the KIKK.closing drinks at the Théâtre Foyer (November 4th, 7PM). Together with KIKK we will invite several Belgian and Dutch artists and design studios we think should meet each other. See us at our table in the bar area and let’s drink those Belgian beer together. Let us know if you can make it!

FIBER x Mirage

FIBER and Mirage festival will partner up for a second time. We’ll present two Dutch works at the next edition of Mirage festival in Lyon:

Recursions: The audiovisual performance Recursions by musician/composer Robin Koek and visual collective DEFRAME premiered at Amsterdam Dance Event last October. In this layered show the audience experiences a dialogue between image, sound and space. 

Red Horizon: Red Horizon is a kinetic light and sound installation by Gabey Tjon a Tham consisting of double pendulums that form a plane of white particles in a three dimensional space.

The Mirage Festival will take place from March 8 – 12, 2017.