Coded Matter(s) | 2013 – 2018

Exploring creative coding practices in art, design and music

Coded Matter(s)

With the event and workshop series Coded Matter(s), FIBER explored the rise and importance of creative coding practices in art, design and music. From 2013 to 2018 a series of events where organized consisting of talks, workshops and performances that explore the possibilities and pitfalls of emerging digital culture. Our programme presents how artists create connections within their work between human expression, code and algorithms, data, and their physical surroundings for the creation of visual art, sound and multi-sensory environments.

Coded Matter(s) functioned as a platform for bringing together frontrunners within many creative disciplines. Furthermore, we aimed to open up these developments and make them accessible to a broad audience, providing opportunities to experience the many possibilities and tools.

Some of our guests where: Quayola, MLF, Lab[AU], Daniel Berio, Ann-Sophie Lehmann, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Simon Geilfus (ANTIVJ), Children of the Light, 4DSOUND, Matthijs Munnik,