Choreographic Coding Lab 2019

26 – 30 May, Dansmakers




The second Amsterdam edition of the Choreographic Coding Lab (CCL) will take place at Dansmakers in Amsterdam from 26 to 30 May, and bring together an international group of code-savvy artists, creative coders, digital scenographers, code-minded musicians, interaction designers and the world of dance and choreography.

Organized by FIBER, Motion Bank, and ICK Amsterdam, with the support of Dansmakers, the CCLab will provide a research environment at the intersection of dance, choreography, digital tools, data and code. Accompanying the lab, there will be a makers meetup and a keynote lecture that is open to the public.



Founded by Motion Bank, the nomadic Choreographic Coding Lab is an international travelling format offering arts professionals the opportunity to translate aspects of choreography and dance into digital form and apply choreographic thinking to their own practice.

A selected group of creative coders and choreography experts will be working on projects and ideas relating to technology and the moving body. Taking place at Dansmakers In a four-day interdisciplinary peer-to-peer setting, the participants will work on experiments and prototypes, participate in masterclasses, share knowledge, find new collaboration partners, and discuss ideas and challenges.

Open Call


Artists, creative coders, and artistic professionals working with movement will be able to apply for the CCL until Sunday, 5 April. From these entries 30 participants will be chosen, based on their expertise, motivation, research interests and willingness to collaborate and experiment in groups. To apply, complete the CCL Application form, indicating your motivation, skills and knowledge, and possible topics you are interested to explore. The lab selection will be handled by the FIBER and Motion Bank team.


  • Deadline Open Call: Friday, April 5, midnight – *New deadline* Sunday, April 14, midnight
  • Selection Process: 15 – 21 April
  • Final selection release: 22 – 28 April

Open Call – (ended)


Participating in the CCL is free of charge, but we encourage that all participants take part in an active and open way: collaborating with others in experiments, sharing tools and knowledge, proposing micro-workshops in the use of soft/hardware and joining the collective sessions.

Please note: We do not provide participants with any financial support (travel, accommodation, fee), but we can provide assistance with travel advice.

Art Assembly & CCL Open Lab Session


As part of the Choreographic Coding Lab Amsterdam 2019, the second edition of Art Assembly will take place at Dansmakers. Art Assembly is FIBER’s series about making processes at the intersection of media art, coding, music, technology, landscapes and machines. Anyone interested in sensory experiences and stories in relation to digital technology is welcome.

On Monday evening (27/5) six makers will showcase in 10 minutes each the ins/outs of their creative process, give insight into the tools they use, and reflect on sketches and the goals of their project. At the end of each presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

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To celebrate the end of the Choreographic Coding Lab Amsterdam 2019, everyone is invited to experience the outcomes of the five-day prototyping lab at the intersection of dance, creative coding, choreography, media/sound art and digital technology at Dansmakers!

Join us at the Open Lab Sessions for inspiring conversations. Meet the makers and learn more about their artistic experiments. During the entire evening, you will have the opportunity to pose your own questions to the keynote speakers and the makers!

We’ve invited two keynote speakers dr. Laura Kareman and media artist Choy Ka Fai, who will reflect upon the CCL and will introduce you to their research at the intersection of dance and technology. Afterwards, the participants of the CCLab Amsterdam will share in public their ongoing projects.

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Areas Of Interest

The lab is open for any experimentation and we encourage participants to bring their own ideas, tools and sketches. For this CCL edition, we will pay extra attention to two areas of interest that can be explored under the guidance of our lab leaders and visiting guest artists. These are suggested areas of interest and do not exclude other fields of interest.


1. Reimagining Dance Data in Space

Guest artist Mária Júdová will support experiments on the intersection of immersive spaces (also VR), generative visuals and spatial projections in relation to dance and the body. Motion Bank’s Anton Koch will give an introduction to some parts of the new Motion Bank annotation platform – Piecemaker –   with state-of-the-art annotation tools developed specifically for dance. This will be done by using a dataset along with the introduction to their tools and formats.

With these inputs as starting points, you can start reimaging new artistic outputs in hands-on work sessions or discussions. Two possible angles for approaching this are: data visualization or translation with the use of creative coding, or statistical exploration with machine learning.


2. Dancing with Machines

Experiments with machine learning in the context of dance, choreography and movement.

AI systems are able to learn about human movement and reproduce it at a staggering rate. With such rapid advancements in the artistic application of machine learning, we invite participants to experiment, reflect, and speculate on the use of machine learning technologies in the context of dance, choreography and movement.

The lab invites coders and artistic researchers who would like to experiment with the possible application of their ML work, discuss the ethical issues, and engage critically with the development of these technologies.

Lab Structure & Guests


The 30 participants will be guided, coached, and inspired by a team of lab leads, guest artists and choreographers. These sessions will introduce them to choreographic thinking, dance theory and code-based making processes in relation to dance, movement and the body.

Please note: the CCL does not offer introductory or explanatory workshops of coding or of uses of specific tools. It’s an experimental and open environment for participants to exchange and combine their own skills and experiences. Participants do have the opportunity to propose self-initated micro-workshops.

Guest Sessions

  • Art Input Session #1: Joana Chicau
  • Choreographic Input & Demonstration #1: Amos Ben-Tal (OFFprojects and ICK Amsterdam) – On the perception and valuation of time in relation to movement and the body.
  • Choreographic Input & Demonstration #2: Matej Kejzar (ICK Amsterdam)
  • More TBA


The team running the CCL Amsterdam 2019

  • Jarl Schulp
    Curator & Lab Support (FIBER)
    Anton Koch
    Lab Facilitator (Lead Developer Motion Bank)
    Suzan Tunca
    Lab Facilitator (ICK Amsterdam)
    Danae Kleida
    Curator & Lab Facilitator (FIBER)
    Mária Júdová
    Guest Artist & Lab Facilitator
    Anastasia Barka
    Researcher & Project Assistant (FIBER)
    Florian Jenett
    Lab Facilitator (Motion Bank co-director)


By FIBER, ICK Amsterdam, Motion Bank, Dansmakers.
Supported by Amsterdam Fund of the Arts & Performing Arts Fund