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An open-source gallery where the sky is the limit



BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) is a series of one-night exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors originally initiated by artist Rafaël Rozendaal. BYOB is an uncurated open-source presentation platform where artists can showcase their work and projects. The visual explosion offers artist a space to directly engage with their audience and peers by showing their experiments and test how their work is received by a diverse audience.

FIBER partnered up with our friends at SETUP, Flemish arts centre ‘De Brakke Grond’ and Nick Liefhebber to present Bring Your Own Beamer, the IN/OUTdoor edition. This special edition took place October 4 2013 in the city center of Amsterdam. To be precise: IN/OUTdoor on various locations at the Nes. Imagine alleyways, bikes, rooftops, through windows, onto steam, with sound and interacting with the audience. A digital gallery where the sky is literally the limit.


  • Project BYOB In-Outdoor
    BYOB 2013 – Aftermovie
    14/10/2013 Youtube

Team Members

  • Jarl Schulp
    Jarl Schulp
    Project initiation
    Julia Nuesslein
    Julia Nuesslein
    Sietse van der Meer
    Sietse van der Meer
    Florian Weigl
    Florian Weigl
    Project lead