Aural Spaces | Spatial Music Sessions in 4DSOUND

FIBER collaborates with The Concertgebouw and 4DSOUND

4DSOUND at The Concertgebouw

For the first edition of Aural Spaces the Amsterdam Concertgebouw will open its doors from 16 to 18 December 2022 to host a three day spatial sound program including concerts, listening sessions, and a masterclass. The famous red velvet chairs of the Kleine Zaal will make space for a 4DSOUND installation consisting of a large scale matrix of omnidirectional speakers. Aural Spaces – curated by The Concertgebouw, 4DSOUND and FIBER Festival – connects classic acoustic methods to modern 4DSOUND technology, working with space and sound to create an immersive audio experience as you’ve never heard or felt before. Soundwaves will flow from every corner of the room into your body and timbres will become almost visible.



4DSOUND is a unique sound system that combines hardware and software, rendering omnidirectional sound environments that push the boundaries of spatial sound as a creative medium. During this unique event you will be able to experience how leading musicians and sound artists are working with the space to create an unforgettable and immersive sound journey. Come join us and let the sound move through you and the space around you!

The program is born out of a collaborative effort between The Concertgebouw (Concervrienden & Entrée), 4DSOUND, and FIBER Festival.

Programme: Friday 16

Concerts: Grand River present Tuning the Wind

20:00 – 21:00 | 22:00 – 23:00

Aural Spaces will kick off on Friday, December 16, with a program created in synergy with FIBER Festival and the Concertgebouw. Experience how human constructions and nature become one in Tuning the Wind by the artist Grand River and feel the composition come to life in the space around you!

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Masterclass: Grand River

10:00 – 13:00

During the day, we will host a masterclass offering unique insights into the work with spatial sound and the development process 4DSOUND productions. The class will be led by the Dutch-Italian artist Grand River. Aimée Portioli, who is performing as Grand River, will walk you through her working process, with a special focus on her 4DSOUND piece Tuning the Wind.

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Programme: Saturday 17 & Sunday 18

On Saturday and Sunday Aural Spaces will present four daytime listening sessions with music specifically composed for the 4DSOUND system. A deep dive into tones, without noise, without noise or any distraction, optimized for this particular space. 





Cello player and producer Maarten Vos and Bodek Janke, one of the most sought drummers/percussionists in worldwide jazz, will build a bridge between modernity and tradition. Together they will present a new work in which minimalist, spiritual trance is combined with traditional Indian influences. The Brussels-based duo Echo Collective will invite you to experience the best of contemporary, experimental classical music merged with captivating, hypnotizing soundscapes and stunning visuals. Finally, the Welsh violinist Rakhi Singhs will bring moody violin pieces, enchanting choral harmonies, and natural sonic environments to life in an even more colourful, radiant way than ever before.

Introducing: Grand River

Aimée Portioli is a Berlin-based Dutch-Italian composer and sound designer who records and performs as Grand River. She makes experimental electronic music with a cinematic touch. Her work, influenced by minimalism and ambient music, is atmospheric yet rhythmically complex, incorporating a wide range of contemporary compositional and production techniques.The name Grand River evokes nature, scale, and movement, all key forces in Portioli’s work.


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Her releases have received international acclaim: Crescente EP, her delightful debut Pineapple (Spazio Disponibile) and the surprising successor Blink A Few Times To Clear Your Eyes (Editions Mego). Operating under Yhdessa (Grand River & Enrica Falqui), she just released Along The Simple Lines Besides and there is more to come… An ongoing theme in her work is how sound and music is a form of communication that goes beyond language. Grand River has previously played at the Barbican Hall, Berghain, Funkhaus, Le Guess Who?, CTM Festival and De School.


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Grand River presents: Tuning the Wind

Friday 16 December, 20:00 - 21:00 | 22:00 - 23:00

Tuning The Wind is a live concert at 4DSOUND by Grand River, in which a natural element and a human-made instrument become one. The composer Aimée Portioli has recorded and reworked different types of wind, layers and pitches and integrated them into the musical piece. Nature and music have become one, there is no distinction between a synthesizer and the wind, between a sound wave and a gust of wind.



Wind is air in motion, it won’t make any sound if nothing is in its way. It can make many different sounds depending on its strength and the objects it touches and interacts with. Sometimes the wind howls, other times it sings or whistles and it can go from a gentle murmur to an angry roar. Many are the frequencies and timbres of the wind. 


Musical composition, arrangements, sound design and installation by Aimée Portioli. Foley wind recordings by Aimée Portioli and Pablo Dissens.

Aural Spaces Side Programme: Masterclass by Grand River

Friday, 16 December, 10:00 - 13:00


The side program of Aural Spaces offers anyone with an interest in immersive experiences the chance to learn about unique making processes and technological developments in spatial sound. The Concertgebouw, 4DSOUND and FIBER Festival invite you to learn more about the possibilities of 4DSOUND, by attending an inspiring masterclass by Dutch-Italian artist Grand River. 4DSOUND is a unique sound system that pushes the boundaries of spatial sound as a creative medium. By being part of this program you get to know the ways in which leading musicians use 4DSOUND to present us their visions of spatial sound experiences.

As part of the programme, the composer and sound designer Aimée Portioli (performing as Grand River ) will guide you through her work, with a special focus on the 4DSOUND piece Tuning the Wind . She will elaborate on several elements and questions. How does Grand River approach the concept of spatiality and how does she engage with nature in her work? The artist will also provide some insights into the development of her work Tuning the Wind , which will be performed later that evening. Tuning the Wind, which started as a five-channel audio installation, consists of recorded and reworked different types of wind, layers and pitches that are integrated to form the musical piece.

This masterclass is open for anyone interested in learning more about spatial and immersive sound environments – enthusiasts, students and professionals – and you don’t need any previous knowledge around the topic.


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