Audiovisual Cultures

A journey through today's and tomorrow's audiovisual storytelling



With Audiovisual Cultures FIBER presents, connects and initiates a new generation of audiovisual performances and the design of performative installations, which arise from interdisciplinary and cultural collaborations between – and beyond – creative disciplines.

The audience comes into contact with the contemporary richness of image, sound and technology based collaborations. Within the AVC events we present performances, live sets and performative installations from the domains of visual art, film, creative coding, gaming, engineering and interaction/data design with makers from various cultural backgrounds.

Audiovisual Cultures shows new ways of representation, that give the public insight into the artistic applications of old and new technology: from celluloid film to the operation and artistic application of present-day complex digital technology like algorithmic composition, spatial robotics, machine learning (as part of the broader field of artificial intelligence) and surveillance and/or scanning techniques.

Audiovisual Cultures kicks-off January 5 (2018) at the Muziekgebouw aan ’t Ij in Amsterdam, together with The Rest is Noise. More info can be found here If you’re interested to collaborate/invite and like to know more about this project, please get in touch with us.