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Welcome to FIBER Productions, a selection of works developed in close collaboration with our vibrant network of artists, cultural and commercial partners. Most of the works are ready for distribution. This new section of our website presents the services we’re active in: research, project development, workshops, match-making, (co)commissioning, distribution and curation for external exhibitions and events.

FIBER has a strong focus on talented newcomers in the field of art, design, music and technology. We connect their unique artistic skills to cultural, educational and commercial questions and play an active role in the support of emerging makers. Learn more about FIBER Productions below and get in touch!

Origin: Sustained

Installation by Mischa Daams

Zooming into the liquid crystal-display screen (LCD), Origin: Sustained creates a continuous feedback loop between the screen and camera. In real time, the LCD crystals generate the very images that they display, with each screen displaying its own unique patterns. These organic fluid images expose the materiality of the apparatus through which we view the digital world.

Mischa Daams’s project Origin sets out audiovisual expeditions into the organic universe that results from a feedback loop between an LCD screen and a video camera. In this continuous process of copying and ‘translating’ some of the information is lost; this results in the mutation and transformation of the image. In real time a visual environment of abstract patterns unfolds before the eyes of the beholder, taking the viewer on a hypnotising voyage through the invisible architecture of the devices themselves. The patterns resemble the shapes and behaviours from a world one does not immediately associate with computer chips: biological life.

Origin: Sustained is commissioned by FIBER with the support of the Mondriaan Fund NL and Stroom De Haag.

The first part of the Origin project ‘Origin:Cycle #1’ was realized as part of the Summer Sessions network in a co-production of Art Center Nabi and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, with support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.



Artist: Cyspe & DEFRAME
Title: Recursions (Live A/V)
Year: 2016-2017
Type: Performance / Installation

Supported by ADE Sound Lab & Creative Fund NL
Co-produced with Mirage Festival (Lyon), Supported by STEIM

Recursions is an audiovisual performance in development by musician/composer Robin Koek (Cyspe) and visual artists Carolien Teunisse and Jessica Dreu (DEFRAME). In this layered show the audience experiences a dialog between image, sound and space. At the centre of the performance is a kinetic sculpture – based on the works of cybernetics pioneer Nicolas Schöffer – which weaves together live video, software generated visuals and electronic music.

The sculpture is connected to algorithmic software turning Recursions into a game that reflects upon self-organisation, control and losing control. The result: a unique live-set based on the unpredictable playfulness of frequencies and patterns.

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Mariska de Groot - Nibiru - Planet of Crossing

Artist: Mariska de Groot
Title: Nibiru – Planet of Crossing
Year: 2016
Type: Installation / Performance

Co-presented at Mirage Festival, Lyon with the support of Creative Fund NL

No one ever discovered Nibiru – ‘Planet of crossing’- the ninth planet that passes our solar system ones in a 3000 years. During the performance De Groot intends to track the trace and shape of Nibiru with a simple, unstable human handmade apparatus made of scratch materials.Nibiru is an analogue and mechanical performative installation wherein simple rhythmical body movements activates a squeaky pendulum drawing machine, that on its turn creates complex mathematical images. Noises of friction are amplified and sound patterns are created by light sensitive speakers that scan the changing projected geometric line image.The patterns of light and sound refer often to the positions of the planets and provoke a desire for cosmic understanding of the organisation of space.

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Mark IJzerman - Presque Vu

Artist: Mark IJzerman
Title: Presque Vu
Year: 2016
Type: Performance

Developed during a residency at STEIM and Commissioned as part of transmediale/CTM Vorspiel program at SPEKTRUM, Berlin with the support of Creative Fund NL

Presque Vu is a piece in which the visuals react to its sonic counterpart. With music created using field recordings and resonances recorded while traveling and stored on cassette tapes, visuals will be influenced, slowly uncovering itself like old 16mm film burning in reverse. Live-set consisting of a performance with modular synth, 2 4-track tape-recorders, a bunch of endless cassettes, homemade spring reverbs, a modded Space Echo and reactive visuals.

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Robin Koek & Leon Lubberdink - Sound of Signals

Artists: Robin Koek & Leon Lubberdink
Title: Sound of Signals Vu
Year: 2012
Type: 6-channel interactive sound installation

Commissioned as part of ‘(Im)possible Worlds’ exhibition in NIMK, Amsterdam (former Netherlands Institute of Media Art)

Sound Of Signals is a six-channel interactive sound sculpture, in which the visitor becomes a part of a physical, sonic space of signals. The work speaks the language of communication technology, the speakers are autonomous entities in a polyphony of signals. The interactor forms a network with these entities through his behaviour.

In their latest collaborative project Koek and Lubberdink tap into virtual and undetected layers of modern communication signals between our mobile devices and the networks surrounding us. The installation allows visitors to experience the ubiquitous connections between us and these networks.

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Tijs Ham & Pinar Temiz - In: still life

Artist: Tijs Ham & Pinar Temiz
Title: In: still life
Year: 2012
Type: Installation

Commissioned as part of FIBER Festival 2012

Covered in darkness, a biotechnological creature glows in space, broadcasting signals. Controlled by a pattern seeking, digital brain, fluids are rhythmically pumped through its transparent veins. In an ever evolving series of calls and responses, ‘_in:still life’ tries to obtain its own musical and visual language, guided by artificial creativity and expressed through its organic body. A sensory system scans its surroundings in search of other entities to interact with. Approach… and you will be the witness of an intricate private performance, a playful combination of dripping liquids with bioluminescent disturbances. Step away… and ‘_in:still life’ slips into a lucid dream state, contemplating its own existence by developing new patterns and modifying the old.

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