027 Dustin

This next instalment of the FIBER Podcast sets the mind to a hot summer day; swaying in a hammock watching fleecy clouds drift by. Giegling’s gaffer Dustin recorded the mix at the label’s office and explains that: “The mix is all about the anticipation of the upcoming summer. I expect nothing less than sunshine and 25 degrees ++ from June until September.”

It’s not strange that Giegling is the label of choice for creating a laid back vibe. The label originated from a group of friends that hosted clubnights at abandoned warehouses in Weimar and built open air stages at German festivals such as Fusion. These experiences taught them how to build a proper vibe and not solely from a musical perspective. In 2009 they started Giegling and the label has presented itself with impressive releases from the likes of The Prince of Denmark, Vril, Ateq and Konstantin among others.

Apart from the easy summer feel that characterizes this mix, the labels´ sound can also turn into something rather dark and gloomy. This is also an aspect of Dustin’s approach to mixing: “In general I really like to include subtle turning points in my sets. Especially when I DJ live. I normally play no pure techno or house or minimal sets. I really like to mix styles and to build bridges between contradicting moods.”

When asked about his background and recent releases that impressed him, Dustin tells us: “I always listened to all kinds of music styles. In electronic music I’m probably mostly influenced by the Basic Channel duo, the Perlon gang and also all the Detroit house. The most recent release which really hit me was the Horror Inc album from last year. I think it got highly underrated. This guy is a genius in my eyes. Also, I just discovered a record from Marcello Napoletano which I must have missed those days. The track ‘Before the riot’ is an absolute killer.”

As the accompanying image for this podcast Dustin chose this video made by Katherine Mager for Luke Abbott’s track Brazil. The clip conveys that if we heighten our sensibilities towards everyday objects we can find new perspectives and stories in things we usually take for granted. “I think my most important visual inspiration sources are the normal things around; like nature, but also city life. What is most important for me are those short moments when I see something unexpected and there’s like a snapshot in my head.” So enjoy the 27th FIBER podcast as if it is a snapshot of the coming summer.

Image: Videocapture taken from videoclip Brazil by Luke Abbott, Katherine Mager and Sam Riviere http://vimeo.com/28777934