012 Subforms

As the preparations for the second edition of FIBER Festival are in full swing, a nice, energetic mix from a Ukrainian city with the eloquent name of Dnipropetrovsk is well appreciated. The twelfth FIBER podcast brings us back to the caverns we inhabited at ClubTransmediale two weeks ago and is brought to you by the talented duo Subforms.

The name Subforms is knowingly chosen by Yevgeny Konovalov and Dmitry Oleynik. It refers to their atmospheric style that can be seen as a sub-form, or in other words, an under-current between genres like ambient, dub and deep techno. This personal style developed over the years: “I have an extensive taste in music,” says Yevgeny, “so the formation process was quite lengthy, but the turning point came when I listened to music by Basic Channel, Scape and Raster Noton. Later on, I discovered Echochord and Modern Love, these labels changed my perception of music. I fell in love!”

The formation of their extensive taste transgressed to their approach of production. “We don’t care about genre, we just like to express our moods and feelings through music.” Music is a subliminal mode of expressing experiences in life. This manifested itself in Subforms’ dreamlike sounds which have the ability to bring the listener to another dimension, a remote place on the border of reality. Their genre-crossing approach combines deep ambient sounds, delayed chord pads and a techno groove resulting in a spacious sound.

This notion of space is also clearly reflected in the accompanying artwork by French photographer Denis Olivier. His surreal landscapes, with pieces of reality and fantasy closely intertwined, seem directly taken from a dream. A feeling that has the alienating effect that you experience when you see the light after a long session of quality music. So enjoy this mix of spacious and yet energetic sounds from the east!

Download their album “Fragments” here