010 Evad

‘No tricks only tracks’. The tenth FIBER podcast is an ambient mix by Belgian dreamer Evad,
whose accompanying artwork perfectly reflects his set and his approach to mixing.

Evad aka Dave Volkaerts has a profound love for deep- and trippy house, techno and ambient. A purist who runs the Mixture podcast series with contributions by Eric Cloutier and ESHU interspersed with his own mixes.
Especially his predilection with ambient comes forward in this podcast. “There are many tracks I wanted to include in this mix, but this is how it turned out. I only choose a track to open the mix with, after that nothing was planned, all decisions were made on the spot. The spontaneous and subjective feature is a very important aspect to me when making a mix. Only then you can surrender yourself to the music.”

This approach resembles the Surrealist technique called automatism which “denotes automatic actions and involuntary processes that are not under conscious control”. The Surrealists believed it was a higher form of behaviour. For them, automatism could express the creative force of what they believed was the unconscious in art.”

Evad underlines this: “I try to enjoy life at its fullest in all its aspects. I love to live, I guess this mentality reflects in my approach to music and how I allow myself to be influenced: by everything, going from current political events to a beautiful holiday with my even more beautiful girlfriend. But I’m also a dreamer, I’ve always been and I always will be”

That’s why he never goes out clubbing anymore. It makes him feel like being woken in the middle of a beautiful dream.“ It’s very important I can focus myself 100% on the music. I don’t like the audience, the smell, beer on my shirt, people stepping on my feet, or people talking when they should shut up. I can only enjoy music these days when I’m at home or in my car, alone. I hope that with my contribution to the Fiber podcast series, people will find the appropriate intimate moment to listen to it.”

Let the jubilee FIBER podcast take you on a journey and let your thoughts wander off. In music one can find room for interpretation just like in the added artwork by Salvador Dali or other visual influences like David Lynch’s films and series like the X-files and Fringe. Works which can only be explained by the surreal and the sometimes experimental characteristics. “All these little aspects and interests make me the person I am today, with only one general device: the sky is the limit.”

Tracklist FIBER Podcast Evad 04-12-2011
01 Porn Sword Tobacco – Always [Mule Electronic]
02 Ricardo Villalobos, Max Loderbauer – Rekondation [ECM Records]
03 Oneohtrix Point Never – Sand Partina  [NNA Tapes]
04 Marc Mitchell – Souls On Board (Ambient Mix) [Proton Music]
05 Carbon Based Lifeforms – Somwhere In Russia [Ultimae Records]
06 The Machine – Continental Drift [Rekids]
07 Minilogue – Europhonia [Cocoon]
08 Donato Dozzy – Moonlight [Mule Electronic]
09 Not From Earth – The Origin Soundscape [Prologue]
10 Wolfgang Voigt – Kafkatrax 1.0 [Profan]
11 Biosphere – Shika 1 [Biophon Records]
12 Shackleton – Handle [Mordant Music]