003 Elvon Ludwig

The third podcast is mixed by Elvon Ludwig aka Luuk Meuffels, who resides at an intriguing venue in Utrecht: a residential home, that on occasion, by means of deaf neighbours and a powerful vintage MFB soundsystem, transforms into ClubStreetway (CSW). At these parties, Ludwig is responsible for the great afterhours vibe that makes it impossible for people to go home. This mix gives a good impression of these mysterious sets, shifting from atmospheric soundscapes to dubtechno and hazy house.

As a teen, Luuk listened to rock and punk, radically shifting to hard techno as a youngster should. From this point onwards he started to develop his musical preferences, selecting and refining his taste into a genuine love for techno, ambient and experimental beats. Important influences are Italian techno-don Donato Dozzy, German soundscapee Move D and his pilgrimages to clubs like Fuse and Berghain. His musical taste makes him stand out among others, however his metier in the first place is based on visuals. In 2010 Meuffels concluded his education with the prize winning installation Galtung Triangle. This piece embodies his artistic goal of merging sound and visuals, a goal uniform to FIBER festival where he’s responsible for stage design and the VJ line-up.

Luuk questions how the atmospheric element in electronic music could be visually amplified by implementing analog input. The work Rheo by Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa shows how analogue materials and digital processes result into an expressive audiovisual language. An enthralling motive for this set, illustrating how sinister atmospheric music could be visualised by a combination of analogue textures in a digital space.