002 Distant Drummers

Distant Drummers is a collective that strives to bring the best of two worlds together. Originating from a grindy squatting scene, the group recently performed at the sterile environment of the Stedelijk museum of contemporary art in Amsterdam. Their music aims to bring forward the human in the machine by creating sound experiments with analogue gear and combining them with the conveniences of digital effects and recording. This results in a strict solid four to the flour beat with live improvisation on top, giving the techno aesthetic some breathing space.

For this mix two of the members of DD, also known as Artefakt, used their own material, as well as that of likeminded groups such as Morphosis, the scrap instruments of African group Konono no1, and the diverse appeal of the spontaneous house sound by the German label LiveJam records.

The musical narrative is based on the geometrical patterns designed by renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno, who wrote numerous books on the Art of memory. Bruno describes by means of geometrical patterns how a cognitive process is connected in parts of the brain. These patterns were conceived by DD as a road through their musical landscape were time, as in a good mix, can be forgotten. Raw but tight!