001 Dubberdink

Dubberdink has been developing a distinctive sound for himself; deep dub sounds influenced by labels such as Basic Channel and Echochord, next to Chicago influenced house or the more minimalistic sounds by labels such as Pokerflat Recordings. This podcast superbly showcases these influences and starts off nice and deep. As the mix slowly unfolds we get into gear with some delightful uplifting house sounds. Dubberdink visually associates his set with the playfulness of the Cobra (Copenhagen Brussels Amsterdam) movement of the fifties. Just like Fiber, the movement aimed for a broader network of cooperation between artists unifying them in a shared aesthetic. The movement sought its inspiration in pure art made by children. This idea of primitivism is also apparent in electronic music these days. Dubberdink’s mix has a strong reminiscent feeling to Chicago house and is therefore a great example how to push things forward by returning to the roots of house music.