First line-up release for FIBER 2021

A meeting place for fans and creators of groundbreaking digital art and performances.

28 | 09 | 21

On 28, 29 and 30 October, FIBER 2021 will settle down at our homebase Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord for an adapted festival programme. The three-day digital arts and music event around the theme Mutation consists of hypnotic audiovisual performances, immersive art installations and captivating conversations. During these three autumn days, you can roam through the mystic worlds and soundscapes that are created in the different rooms of FIBER 2021. 

With the new multi-year theme ‘Mutation’, the programme will explore the (in)ability to shapeshift into new ways of being. Mutation can be seen as an unwanted development but might also present opportunities to change habits and minds. In the face of global emergencies, like the current pandemic and the climate disaster, the Western societies will need to leave behind their illogical separation from ‘nature’ and embrace fluidity. FIBER 2021 preludes a regular festival edition in May 2022.

Artists, DJs and performers of FIBER 2021
Artefakt presents Days Bygone (Dutch Premiere, Live); Boris Acket (Light scenography); CAO (Live); Camille Barton (Talk); DJ Leoni (DJ); Entangled Others Studio (installation); Jonathan Castro (Dutch premiere, Live A/V); Leanne Wijnsma (Talk); Mika Oki (DJ); Naone (DJ);  Nelly Dragon (DJ) & Leeza Pritychenko (Visuals); Orit Halpern (Talk); Robin Koek & Zeno van den Broek (Installation); Sahej Rahel (Talk); Saša Spačal (Talk); Sissel Marie Tonn (Installation); Špela Petrič (Talk); Tammo Hesselink & Sjoerd Bartlema (Performance); Thomas D. Moynihan (Talk); Tim van Hooft (Installation); Torus & Mark Prendergast present These Cars Do Not Exist (Live A/V); upsammy & Sjoerd Martens (Live A/V); Woody92 (DJ); Zohar & Jeisson Drenth (Live A/V); Zoë Mc Pherson & Alessandra Leone present Fugue Extended (Dutch premiere, Live A/V).


Raumklang premieres at Muziekgebouw during FIBER 2021
FIBER 2021 takes a small trip across the River IJ to invite artists Zeno van den Broek and Robin Koek to the Muziekgebouw. For the past four years, the duo have been working on an innovative sound art installation. Raumklang is a sound sculpture that is exclusively observable through hearing, as sensors detect the visitor’s physical movement through the piece. The sculpture could be seen as an acoustic distillation of the Atrium, Muziekgebouw’s immensely high hall and it’s direct environment with trains, ships and a buzzing city. The premiere of Raumklang is in collaboration with our long-standing partner The Rest Is Noise | Muziekgebouw.



Tickets for FIBER 2021 are on sale right now. We offer Day Passes, Music & Performance tickets and separate tickets for a single talk. All tickets for FIBER 2021 include a visit to the premiere of Raumklang at Muziekgebouw. You can also visit Raumklang without visiting FIBER 2021 (but we’d love to see you at Tolhuistuin too, of course).


FIBER 2021 is made possible with the generous support of Amsterdam Fund of the Arts and the Creative Industry Fund NL. We thank Tolhuistuin, Paradiso Noord, The Rest Is Noise and Muziekgebouw for their partnership.

Raumklang is co-produced by V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media. Raumklang is supported by V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media, Creative Fund NL, Gerrard Street and STEIM.

Design by Leeza Pritychenko and Irene Stracuzzi.