Studio Visit #7 – Singletons

We leave Amsterdam to visit Singletons in Rotterdam

26 | 03 | 18

The FIBER Studio Visits aim to open up the often hidden spaces of creation. Instead of inviting artists to present for an audience, we bring the audience to the studio. For the 7th edition we leave Amsterdam to visit Singletons in Rotterdam.

Their practices range from industry-focused development to conceptual design research. Drones, games, interactive projections, electronic shock collars, camouflage, systems design and fiction. While each member operates independently the shared studio space facilitates cross-pollination of ideas and expertise, sharing of tools, and provides for inspiration, connections and informed perspectives.

Sjef van Gaalen, Adriaan Wormgoor, Jasper van Loenen, Jeroen De Mooij and Marcel Goethals.