FIBER Festival 2022
16 — 19 June
First Names Revealed

21 | 04 | 22

Prequel Event / 20 May
Festival / 16 — 19 June
Exhibition / 8 — 19 June

With the theme Mutation (Part II), FIBER Festival continues its investigation into the (in)ability of humankind to adapt to a radically transforming earth. Now zooming in and out on the collisions between worldviews, industrial and spiritual realms and promises about the future.

Are we, forced by global warming and planetary-wide technological developments, able to steer towards a new post-human world? Through an artistic exploration, we will offer different perspectives on this mind-altering question during the festival programme.

In this first programme release, we share a large part of our Music & Performance Programme (MACA & Likeminds), Club Programme (Garage Noord) and the full line-up for our Prequel Event at Muziekgebouw with The Rest Is Noise on [May 20]. Without further ado, we hope to see you in the symbolic front row of performances from:

Aho Ssan present Rhizoom (Live) [20 May] | Animistic Beliefs & Jeisson Drenth presents CACHE/SPIRIT (Live A/V) | BAKÁH presents We all come from somewhere, I suppose… (Live A/V) | CORIN & Tristan Jalleh present Lux Aeterna (Live A/V) [20 May] | Flora Yin Wong (Live) | Lee Gamble presents Flush Real Pharynx feat. Clifford Sage (Live A/V) [20 May] | Loradeniz (DJ) [20 May] | Makeda (Hybrid Set) | Meuko! Meuko! & NAXS Corp. present “無形將軍 INVISIBLE GENERAL” (Live A/V) | Slimfit (DJ) | Sofie Birch (Live) | Thick Owens (DJ) | Zeno van den Broek presents Breach (Live A/V)

Tickets for FIBER Festival 2022 are now on sale. The campaign identity is created by Leeza Pritychenko and Irene Stracuzzi.