RE:SOURCE | The Mine

Introducing our selected residency artist: Hedwich Rooks (NL)

22 | 05 | 23

While we are still reminiscing from the FIBER Festival, we are also very excited to announce the selected artist for the RE:SOURCE residency. We congratulate Hedwich Rooks on being selected for the residency ahead of the NEW NOW festival at the previous coal mine facility of Zeche Zollverein. Within the residency programme she will experiment and work on a prototype work in the context of mining, also in relation to the theme of this year’s NEW NOW Festival Hypernatural Forces.

Hedwich Rooks is a Dutch artist and designer currently based in The Hague. Her artistic practice is primarily research-based, varying from lens-based media to sculptural installations, drawing from biogeochemical phenomena and their processes. Conceptually, she explores what the collision of matter can teach us about alternative and constantly transforming societies.

During the residency, Hedwich will evaluate the history of coal mining and the anthropogenic use of coal to the present day. She will experiment to compose an alternative coal, and in addition study the origin of coal, its variety and its material properties. Central to her research is the observation that even after the death of living material, other life arises, meaning carbon is a living entity with many narratives that carry the urge to be shared.


The FIBER x NEW NOW’s on-site residency will take place from 15 – 31 May, and can be publicly visited during the festival opening weekend from 1 – 4 June. 

RE:SOURCE is supported by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and part of FIBER’s Reassemble Lab.

More information can be found here: