Recap | The Weatherscapes Talks

Watch our recording of The Weatherscapes Talks online

24 | 01 | 23

What do we know about the weather, apart from our daily embodied experience and media weather forecasts reaching us through a vast structure of sensing machines, databases, and prediction models? When we look up into the sky, do we understand its composition, scale, and interactions with the world we live in? Now that weather is becoming ever more extreme and deadly by nature, under the impact of a warming planet, can we relate to these changes?

On Thursday January 19, we hosted The Weatherscapes Talks live at Tolhuistuin and online. During this public programme, part of our fourth Reassemble Lab: Weatherscapes, the speakers Robert-Jan Wille, Daphne Dragona, Janette Bessembinder and Mint Park shared knowledge on the complexity, vastness and agency of weather systems.

If you weren’t able to attend this event live, you can watch the recording of The Weatherscapes Talks for two weeks when purchasing an online ticket for €3,00 (valid until 5 February, 23.59 PM) 




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The Weatherscapes Talks is the public part of the FIBER Reassemble Lab: Weatherscapes programme which successfully took place from 19 – 22 January in the Tolhuistuin area (Tolhuistuin & A Lab). With Weatherscapes, FIBER increased knowledge and literacy around the weather, approaching it through artistic research and the exchange of knowledge between makers and thinkers. In what ways can information be an artistic starting point or material for new works and stories? How can audiovisual art, creative coding and design offer new perspectives? Weatherscapes aims to serve as a meeting place for artists, designers, activists and researchers working within these topics.




Photo: Pieter Kers