Reassemble Lab 5: Practising Permacomputing

October - December 2023, Amsterdam

29 | 08 | 23

Reassemble Lab 5: Practising Permacomputing

October – December 2023, Amsterdam 

Workshop series & Lectures


Can we change our behaviour, when the excessive use of technology has become a common feature of our day-to-day life? After completing the 2023 festival, our team will start the next part of the FIBER Reassemble Lab programme. This autumn is dedicated to Practising Permacomputing; Permacomputing encourages the maximising of hardware lifespans, minimising energy use and focussing on the use of already available computational resources. It is a more sustainable approach to computer and network technology inspired by permaculture.

The programme of this year’s Reassemble Lab consists of three separate, but conceptually connected workshops that will explore an alternative path towards a more balanced and sustainable digital future. Have you ever wanted to know more about how the cloud works and how to build your own? Do you want to know what’s behind the walls of a data centre? How to build and visualise the connection between technology and nature? Then join us for one or more of our upcoming workshops!

The workshops welcome a diverse audience, from beginners to experts, interested in learning more about and contributing to a permacomputing way of life. You will explore the relationship to existing computing infrastructures and try to formulate alternative approaches. Participants can engage at various levels, bringing their unique perspectives, artistic practices, or technical skills to the table. The workshops will give you the tools to create a more balanced, informed relationship with the technology that surrounds all of us.

Let’s investigate together, what a permacomputing way of life could be and what sort of transformative computational culture and aesthetics it could bring forward!




Read more about the workshops The Cloud is Just my Old Computer, Imagination above Productivity & Networking with Nature.