OTHERWORLDS by Sophia Bulgakova received a realization grant

FIBER and Sophia Bulgakova supported by Immerse\Interact

17 | 01 | 23

We are happy to share that FIBER and Sophia Bulgakova will further develop her project OTHERWORLDS with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund and Creative Industry Fund NL. FIBER (producer) and Sophia Bulgakova (director) received the second-stage grant in the context of the Immerse\Interact realization scheme, which supports projects focusing on the crossover between film, design, and digital culture.

OTHERWORLDS is an interactive performance within virtual and physical realities. Born out of an artistic study on Ukrainian traditions, it combines paganism from different cultures and other magical practices to start a conversation on visual culture and technology.




OTHERWORLDS by Sophia Bulgakova was on show during last years’ FIBER Festival edition. Read more about her work during MUTATION (Part II) here.