OPEN CALL | LAB 4: Weatherscapes

Artistic research and sensing machines in relation to weather systems.

22 | 11 | 22

The open call for our next lab Weatherscapes is now live!

Weather, we experience its effects daily and it is perhaps the most commonly used topic for small talk. In a nutshell, it is the daily condition of the atmosphere. Yet people generally know little about how meteorological phenomena work and the complexity, stratification and scale of weather systems. Besides reading (news) reports, Europeans experience up close that the weather is increasingly changing and becoming more extreme in nature, resulting in deadly situations. Where the weather in the Global South has been radically changing for decades, now the Global North too cannot escape the facts.

To gain more knowledge on how the weather works, the relationship between weather and climate as well as the relationships between weather measurements and the development of contemporary forecasting models and computer technology, FIBER’s Weatherscapes lab provides a temporary platform for interdisciplinary research and the development of artistic experiments, which serve as the basis for new performances, installations or multimedia stories.

With Weatherscapes, FIBER aims to increase knowledge and literacy around the weather, approaching it through artistic research and the exchange of knowledge between makers and thinkers. In what ways can information be an artistic starting point or material for new works and stories? How can audiovisual art, creative coding and design offer new perspectives? Weatherscapes aims to serve as a meeting place for artists, designers, activists and researchers working within these topics.