Neighbouring Frequencies: A Showcase of Belgian and Dutch Sound Art

May 30 till June 16 - de Brakke Grond

21 | 03 | 24

Neighbouring Frequencies: A Showcase of Belgian and Dutch Sound Art

The programme will shine a light on the richness of sound art within Belgium and The Netherlands.

Neighbouring Frequencies is the new collaborative initiative between FIBER, STUK Leuven and de Brakke Grond that will showcase the history, present, and possible futures of sound art. With an emphasis on cross-pollination between Belgium and the Netherlands, the exhibition features the work of five artists who demonstrate the hidden contours of the relationships between humans, nonhumans, and landscape. The public programme, which will culminate with a day dedicated to the many facets of this lively field, aims to create a platform for artists, designers, makers, and innovators to engage in dialogue and explore new, interdisciplinary paradigms. Through lectures, performances, and installations, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the vastness of the Belgian and Dutch sound art fields.


What is sound art?

Sound art – a hybrid collection of artworks, self-developed instruments, design projects and performances that all start from an experimental investigation of sound – is gaining increasing public interest. Sound art brings together elements from media art, music culture and composition, architecture, software development, creative coding, and audiovisual creativity. It does this increasingly so, with a social focus. Sound art has many forms and appearances – from spatial installations, experimental stage performances, online projects, to soundwalks and much more.


Lectures & Sound art programme – June 2, 2024

On June 2 visitors are invited for a programme filled with lectures & sound-art performances to learn about the history, present and possible future of sound art, from the perspective of Flemish-Dutch collaborations. How did sound art develop in both countries? What are specific and unique traditions or trends? What historical and contemporary overlaps and collaborations are there across the border? Expect a day-long programme of lectures and sound art performances complemented by an exhibition. Further details about performing artists, speakers, and tickets will follow soon.


Exhibition – May 30 till June 16, 2024

The exhibition will showcase the work of five artists who are exemplary of the interconnectedness and richness of sound art. Listening to their sculptures and installations, we will learn about hidden dimensions of our environment and the relationships between landscapes, humans, and non-humans. With works by Els Viaene, Floris Vanhoof, Oussama Tabti, Stijn Demeulenaere and Luis Lecea Romera


Neighbouring Frequencies Programme

✹ Exhibition – 30 May until 16 June (free) | Opening, Friday, June 31 from 18:00 onwards

✹ Performances & Lectures – Sunday, 2 June | 13:00 – 18:00


All programme parts are taking place at de Brakke Grond. The exhibition is part of FIBER Festival 2024.


Full Programme


Luis Lecea Romera “Antecâmara” (2023) by artworks


Els Viaene


Floris Vanhoof “Antenna” (2022), by Kristof Vrancken – Hear Here 2022.


 Stijn Demeulenaere “Zijlijn/Linea Laterali” , by Kristof Vrancken – Hear Here 2022.


Oussama Tabti “Homo Carduelis” (2022)


Els Viaene “Vibrant Matter4”(2016), by Emilie Dumais