Join FIBER Festival’s Audiovisual Art Assembly

A collective exploration into artistic and critical making-processes for professionals and students.

15 | 03 | 23

Started in 2018 as a series of small events, the Audiovisual Art Assembly (AAA) was successfully brought back to life in the 2022 festival. This year, the second AAA will return as part of FIBER Festival: Fragments. The second edition of the Audiovisual Art Assembly is a one-day event on Friday 12 May. It functions as a meeting place for a wide variety of artistic makers and researchers to exchange making processes and research methodologies in the fields of media art, electronic music, sound art, design and research. The AAA invites professional and studying artists, designers, technologists, curators and organizers to explore contemporary works and topics collectively. The day offers plenty of room for exchanging work experiences. At the heart of the programme is the dissemination of knowledge and skills connected to unique making processes and visions in relation to the field of digital art, audiovisual performances, creative coding, electronic music, sound art, stage performance, (artistic) research, and various interdisciplinary design directions.

During the Audiovisual Art Assembly on Friday 12 May, taking place at Oedipus Brewing, you will get to know new peers, gain insights into emerging practices and learn more about interdisciplinary collaborations. The event closes with an afternoon of networking drinks and music, giving everyone a chance to get to know each other better. Next to buying a ticket, we ask visitors to register for this educational programme. 

You can find more info about registering and tickets here