IMPORTANT UPDATE! FIBER x The Rest Is Noise 2024 | 5 Jan.

UPDATE: upsammy & Jonathan Castro replaces Animistic Beliefs & Jeisson Drenth

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FIBER x The Rest Is Noise 2024 | 5 Jan.

Sadly, due to personal circumstances, the premier of Thức Tỉnh by Animistic Beliefs & Jeisson Drenth cannot take place. We are exploring a replacement date in 2024.

Fortunately, we do have an excellent replacement: Amsterdam based upsammy & Jonathan Castro present Germ in a Population of Buildings (Live AV). After well-received performances at Rewire, Mutek and Positive Education, we are delighted to invite their show to our city for the first time. It is an audiovisual journey in line with upsammy’s newest album, which was released on the influential PAN label earlier this year.

The performance reflects upsammy’s ever-present interest in investigation of natural places beyond their recognizable surfaces. She blends field recordings and evocative environmental sounds into otherworldly rhythms. Strange patterns resurface in her musical productions, with which she constructs her signature sound using glitchy percussion, unexpected tones, and fluid synths.

The unstable, psychedelic textures of upsammy are completed with the powerful visuals by Peruvian designer and multidisciplinary artist Jonathan Castro. Known for his distinctly colorful and layered aesthetics, he will blend reality with the subnatural using organic shapes and blurry textures. According to Castro, rhythm can facilitate transitions, shifting from fear to joy or between organic and inorganic elements. It serves as a perfect complement to the unique sonic patterns that upsammy creates.

We hope to see you in the new year!