GEZEGEN — CEM (Live) with Theresa Baumgartner & Mauro Ventura | Jan. 5

CEM steps into the ambivalent space between light and shadow for his live show, GEZEGEN.

14 | 12 | 23

GEZEGEN — CEM (Live) with Theresa Baumgartner & Mauro Ventura | Jan. 5


Wandering in the threshold between inner worlds, GEZEGEN showcases a different facet of the Berlin-based DJ and producer, who, drawing his family’s Sufi background, uncovers moments of solace that revel in the beauty of the unknown.

GEZEGEN will Feature an enigmatic, arcane stage design by Herrensauna artistic director and resident, Mau Ventura (DJ Saliva), along with an ethereal light scenography by Theresa Baumgartner. Expect hallucinatory sound compositions using sacred chants and traditional instruments referring to CEM’s family’s Sufi background.

On Friday 5th of January 2024, CEM, together with Theresa Baumgartner & Mauro Ventura, will be part of the FIBER x The Rest Is Noise event at Muziekgebouw Amsterdam. This year they will be joined by a performance from upsamy & Jonathan Castro. The evening will be musically supported by a DJ set from Slimfit.