03 | 07 | 19

Practicing Exposure | Call For Papers

FIBER and Simulacrum Magazine invite emerging writers, researchers and visual artists to send in a draft proposal for a Call For Papers connecting to the theme Practising Exposure.

If there is one thing that the climate crisis has taught us, it is that the world does not exist as a mere background to human existence. While the human is busied with sedimenting itself into the geology of the earth, it turns out that the world is a messy place where strange agencies interact in unexpected and uncontrollable ways.

From childhood onwards, we are taught to separate one thing from another. All this shaped an impermeable Western subject that for so long acted from the presumption of mastery and objectivity over an externalized nature. But how about those millions of subatomic particles passing through your body at any moment? The body, or any body, is fundamentally more exposed to its surroundings than the capitalist or humanist subject wants us to believe.

With the theme Practising Exposure, both organisations are investigating the possiblities to rethink the self as radically exposed to our environment. Simulacrum serves as an accessible and qualitative publication platform for students and experts.


For this collaborative issue between Simulacrum and FIBER Festival we are looking for contributions in the form of an article (1.000, 1.400 or 1.800 words), a column, an interview and more creative forms of writing and artistic portfolio’s. The deadline for the first version of the contribution is September 30th, 2019.

Send your proposals to:
Full information: Simulacrum Magazine