FIBER presents Art Assembly #2: CCL – 27/05

14 | 03 | 19

As part of the Choreographic Coding Lab Amsterdam 2019, the second edition of Art Assembly will take place at Dansmakers. Art Assembly is FIBER’s series about making processes at the intersection of media art, coding, music, technology, landscapes and machines. Anyone interested in sensory experiences and stories in relation to digital technology is welcome.

This second edition connects to the Choreographic Coding Lab: a five-day laboratory at the intersection of dance, choreography, technology, movement and the human body taking place in Amsterdam from 26 to 30 May.

On Monday evening, May 27 six makers will showcase in 10 minutes each the ins/outs of their creative process, give insight into the tools they use, and reflect on sketches and the goals of their project. At the end of each presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.


Mária Júdová
Maria is one of the CCL mentors and leads. She is an independent artist whose work combines the exploration of technologically informed dance practices, body movement, time and space. You might have experienced her collaboration ‘Fatal Light Attraction’ with Samuel Kerridge or the unique VR-project DUST. Mária will introduce her work at the intersection of immersive spaces, generative visuals, sound and spatial projections in relation to dance and the body.

Robin Koek about RAUMKLANG
‘An object in a space which cannot be seen and cannot be touched, revealing itself in time through the experience of listening. Frozen sound becomes augmented architecture.’ Raumklang is a project focused on creating site-specific sound in physical space. Based on acoustic features developed by Robin Koek en Zeno van den Broek they created an interactive binaural sound sculpture you can explore with your movement.

Eirini Kalaitzidi
Eirini is trained as a choreographer and dancer and she’s currently completing her MFA in Computational Arts. She is framing her practices with a solid theoretical background around Feminist Technoscience. Currently, she is focusing on Machine Learning (with Rebecca Fiebrink as tutor) for her project in process: a deep learning model that generates new movement/choreography on the stick figure of skeleton tracking (based on the “Living Archive” project of Wayne McGregor and Damien Henry). During the Art Assembly she is going to share her thoughts and methods about ML

Ankita Anand
Ankita is a moving-image artist whose work aims to evoke our uncanny relationship to the screen and technology. Using documentary film and green screen as a medium she questions the materiality of objects in the digital world. She plans to further extend her videos as installation pieces which immerse the viewer in an experience which is at the intersection of technology and art. Ankita will make a presentation of her current research project.

Why Not
Why Not in collaboration with Klasien van de Zandschulp and James Graves will present their project ‘OurSpace’, a social performance bot. ‘OurSpace’ is a performative game that zooms in on the virtual and the physical space between people and our online and offline behaviour. In OurSpace, we use our bodies to communicate. Our social bot provides the participants with facts and gives them movement assignments based on social contacts.


Dansmakers (Amsterdam North)

    • Doors: 19:00
    • Event: 19:30 – 22:30
    • Entrance: € 6


Art Assembly is a meeting place for makers, thinkers and lovers of digital culture.


We thank our partners

This edition is supported by Motion Bank, ICKamsterdam, Dansmakers, Fonds Podiumkunsten and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.