FIBER partners with Club Shelter

Don't miss this innovative multisensory concert and club night

17 | 03 | 17

FIBER Festival and Club Shelter join forces and organize a full concert and club night collaboration on Saturday May 13th. During this FIBER Festival night the visitor will be submerged in an experimental sonic experience in which all senses will be fascinated. The Amsterdam based FIBER organization has confirmed the popular Club Shelter as their third location for the next FIBER Festival 2017. The fourth festival edition takes places from 11th to May 14th in Amsterdam and presents new voices in art, design and music, who experiment with digital technologies.


The new partners proudly present Sendai as their first name for the FIBER-Shelter concert night. Sendai’s post-techno machine music disorients, fascinates and confounds the listener. Sendai is the collaboration of Belgian producers Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen, exploring the outer limits of electronic music. Combining De Mey’s modular synths and Van Hoesen’s sound design skills, they create a broken, minimalistic and uncompromised sound world. At FIBER Festival they will perform their latest album ‘Ground and Figure’ – a vast and spacious journey through texture and tone, atmosphere and abstraction. The full FIBER programme will be announced Tuesday 21st of March.


The performance and club night is a prominent FIBER Festival component. Shelter perfectly suits the other two cultural FIBER hotspots; Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond and exposition centre Looiersgracht 60. There are multiple motivations for the Shelter choice. Main reason is the excellent sound system which allows a refined listening experience. Second would be Shelter’s focus on new narratives within the Techno Landscape. Next to its musical cornerstones of distinct House and Techno, the young club’s programming is set on curating sounds from the vanguard of dance music, showcasing electronica from the defining outreaches of the industry. And that’s exactly where FIBER and Shelter found each other. It’s in these outreaches where they create an evening full of new and experimental live electronica.