FIBER Festival 2024 – May 29 till June 2

Early Bird tickets are now on sale!

02 | 04 | 24

FIBER Festival 2024 – May 29 till June 2, 2024 

Early Bird tickets are now on sale! 


We’ve been working hard on something special… In less than 10 weeks a compact version of our FIBER Festival will take place. The ninth edition will happen from May 29 till June 2, inviting you to a series of intimate events happening at various partner locations in Amsterdam. From today we sell a limited amount of early-birds for the quick deciders among you!

This year’s theme ‘Outer/Body’ will explore and question the boundaries and connections between bodies, minds, living environments, and technology. We are currently finalising our 2024 meeting place for enthusiasts and professionals with an interest in audiovisual art, daring conversations, and experimental electronic music. Wondering what to expect?

The majority of the programme will be announced later in April, but we will share the first artists and events with you in the coming days. Visit our website for the early bird tickets and follow our channels to stay updated. We hope to see you again at the end of May!


Early birds are now on sale ️