Aural Spaces | Spatial Music Sessions in 4DSOUND

Concertgebouw, 4DSOUND & FIBER | 16–18 December

12 | 10 | 22

As the days grow shorter and we slowly turn inward, it is time to expand our listening and mind. It is with great pleasure that we can share the new, multi-day spatial sound event Aural Spaces. Initiated by the Concertgebouw and 4DSOUND, in partnership with FIBER Festival.

Over the course of three days, you can come and visit a unique spatial sound programme, with concerts, listening sessions and a master class. The Amsterdam Concertgebouw Kleine Zaal will open its doors from 16 to 18 December 2022 and invite leading musicians to connect classic acoustic methods and electronic music to modern 4DSOUND technology, working with space and sound to create an immersive audio journey. Join us for live concerts and listening sessions by cellist and composer Maarten Vos and drummer and percussionist Bodek Janke, neoclassical duo Echo Collective and violinist and composer Rakhi Singh. You will also be able to experience listening sessions, hosted by Thomas Ankersmit, Puce Mary and 4DSOUND 10 Years: A Compilation.

We are especially excited to kick off our curated day on Friday, December 16 with a special programme. We have invited Grand River to perform her piece Tuning the Wind. Want to learn more about the working process of the artist with a special focus on her 4DSOUND composition? Then join the daytime masterclass by Grand River, offering unique insights into the work with spatial sound and the development process behind 4DSOUND productions.

Make sure to get your tickets in time and join us experiencing soundwaves flowing from every corner of the room into your body!