• Imagination above productivity: Resurfacing and scaling the digital ecosystem around us

    Practising Permacomputing | Workshop 2

Imagination above Productivity: Resurfacing and scaling the digital ecosystem around us

17 & 18 November, Amsterdam Science Park | Hosted by: Ola Bonati

Infrastructure sustaining everyday life is becoming unbearably complex. We might feel it, but we struggle to find the words to describe it. Sleek, elusive, yet somehow impossible-to-put-down devices further separate us from the root of the problem. To be connected is essential – essential for a successful and productive life. This race for productivity can easily “cloud” our judgement and ability to decide how much of this we actually want in our lives.

You might have already read something about the ecological, sociological, and political consequences of this ever-growing digital entanglement, but can you imagine it, place it, and see it around you? How can Big Tech be so big and, at the same time, invisible? Let us resurface and scale the digital ecosystem around us.

The first part of the workshop will take us on a data walk to Amsterdam Science Park, where we will explore the contrast between the infrastructure of data centres and their surrounding environment. How can we connect tiny devices in our hands and the vast architecture used to run them? In the second part of the workshop, we will look at datafication of our own lives and our own practice, and in the spirit of the previous workshop, imagine how we can detangle ourselves from the mainstream services. Can the aesthetics of data infrastructure help us tackle issues like digital hoarding, hyperconnectivity and ultimately heal our own practice from forced productivity?




What will I gain from participating in this workshop?

We will shed, share, and explore new tools and methods for fostering collective imagination beyond productivity quotas. Participants will be asked to collaborate in smaller teams on one of the emergent themes. The workshop outcomes will be presented and published at the end of the workshop series.


Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is open for anyone to join. Participants do not need any special skills or knowledge, but a genuine interest in collaborative work is helpful. No particular devices are required; however, participants are strongly encouraged to bring tools that will allow them to contribute with their own practice to the final outcome of the workshop.


About the workshop host: Ola Bonati

Ola Bonati is a researcher and storyteller working on topics exploring the implications of various technologies in our culture. In her work, she investigates the consequences of web 3.0 hype, digital monopolies, platform labor, personal digital habits and she also has (research) fun with various meme vernaculars. She has experience in creating critical new media pieces, Digital Transformation, and Interactive Performance Art, a combination of which she uses in her practice. Her latest focus is on digital hoarding, asking: how to crawl our way out of tech dystopia and into more kind practices both; for ourselves and the planet?




Depending on the type of workshop prices will be decided upon in the beginning of September.

Regular: Range € 40-60
Student: Range € 20-40

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