Call For Works (closed)

FIBER Festival 2022: Mutation (Part II)

With this Call For Works we invite artistic makers to submit their work for possible presentation within the programme of the FIBER Festival 2022. This is possible in two categories: 1) works for the festival exhibition and 2) video works for the (online) film programme. These can be existing works or new works under development.

Theme: Mutation (Part II)
After the first part of the programme in 2021, FIBER Festival is preparing for the second half of the theme Mutation in the shape of a festival edition in 2022. Hereby we continue investigating and presenting the mutating relations and depictions of the relationship between humans and nature. Now zooming in and out on the collisions between worldviews, industrial and spiritual realms and promises about the future.

For Mutation (Part II), we have a special interest in works concerning the planetary transformations of materials, the redesign of (digital) infrastructures from centralised/extractive modes to communal and more-than-human, and the rising influence of rituals, magical thinking and wxtchcraft to propose altered ways of being.

Works can provide thoughts and strategies for adaptation or rejection of current modes of living, or can offer otherworldly experiences through multi-sensory installations, spatial experience works, sound installations or XR/VR projects.

Why this call?
With this Open Call we want to give (media) artists, designers, filmmakers, creative coders, performance makers and other artistic creators outside of our own scope the chance to become part of the festival. We feel it is important to invite different voices and visions to join, and in doing so, offer extra opportunities to emerging makers whose work has been less easily visible in the past two pandemic years.

How to submit your work?


After submitting work, our team will contact you about further processing and planning. As we do not know how much attention there will be, this may take some time. If there are any questions about the procedure or this open call, please contact

Submit your work before Sunday 27 March 23:59 hrs. If your work is selected, we will get in touch with you about further information about presentation fees and production information.

This open call is closed.


Short Film Programme


  • Work must not be older than 3 years.
  • No traditional documentary work.
  • You may submit a maximum of two works.
  • Your work must be no longer than 8 minutes

Submit your work before Sunday 27 March 23:59 hrs. We offer a fee of €50 when your work is selected.

This open call is closed.