Generating immersive artistic experiences across many creative disciplines

What we do

FIBER is an Amsterdam based organisation, dedicated to present and initiate artistic productions at the intersection of audiovisual art, digital culture and electronic music. The team works year round with a vibrant network of artists, designers, technologists, researchers and organisations to reflect on the influence of technology and realise immersive artistic experiences across many creative disciplines. Special attention goes out to the support of up- and coming makers by connecting them with shared knowledge, organisations, networks and audiences.

FIBER works on a diverse range of activities; from the curation of events, exhibitions and audiovisual club experiences; the commissioning of performances and site-specific installations, to the exchange of knowledge within artist talks, workshops and showcases. The team is responsible for the recurring FIBER Festival, the event series FIBER x The Rest Is Noise, FIBER Studio Visits, several stand-alone exhibitions and events. In the past we have curated and organised the creative coding event/workshop-series Coded Matter(s) (2013 – 2018) and the online FIBER Podcast series (2011 – 2019). Furthermore, FIBER cooperates with partner organisations, cultural institutions and companies to produce unique events.

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FIBER foundation

+31 (0)641235624
CoC: 50706497
ANBI: 822891153
VAT: NL.8228.91.153.B.01
Bank: NL18 TRIO 0198 3476 42


Visiting & Post

Tolhuisweg 2
1031 CL Amsterdam (NL)


Director, Artistic Lead, Curator: Jarl Schulp
Managing Director: Vacancy Open
Lead Marketing & Communication: Vacancy Open
Social Media & Online: Maarten De Bruijn
Production Lab/Residencies & Research Support: Allegra Greher
Festival Production & Artist Handling: Zoë Horsten


Zippora Elders (chair)
Susanne Koekenberg (treasurer)
Tessa Nijdam (secretary)
Marieke van der Kruijs
Renate Timmer
Jacob Roeters van Lennep

The FIBER board does not receive any compensation. FIBER has its own salary house for management and permanent employees based on the guidelines of De Zaak Nu and the Fair Practice Code.

Cartographies of the Vanishing Now, Reassemble Part 1: ‘Weaving With Worlds’ and Reassemble Part 2: ‘Sound Ecologies’

Curators: Jarl Schulp, Xandra van der Eijk, Mark Ijzerman
Researchers: Rhian Morris, Michelle Geraerts, Antonio Maria Cartaxo

Festival Team

Head of production: Lisa Luijten
Exhibition Production: Jonas Kraft
Festival production: Allegra Greher, Zoë Horsten, Judith Rigter, Hansjan Fokkens, Daan Jonkers, Jorick Mulder, Carolien Teunisse, Bram Snijders, Martin Boverhof, Danne Hekman, Koen Schaaders, Nils Bloem (videostream).
Festival design: Irene Stracuzzi & Leeza Pritychenko
Fundraising: Marleen Kers
Webdevelopment: Toine Kamps
Volunteer Coordination: Annemarijn Bulsink

Tanja Busking

Podcast 2010 – 2018

Luuk Meuffels – curator
Fabian van Sluijs – editor

Policy plan 2021 – 2024 (Dutch)
With the multi-year theme ‘New Connections Between Humans and Matter’, FIBER will investigate in which way art and designs can contribute to new perspectives on the coming instability; within technology, ecology, culture and social relations. FIBER will do this through multi-day festivals, exhibitions, performances, conferences, workshops, labs, education and other activities.

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Annual reports (Dutch)

2023 Report + Accounts

2022: Report + Accounts
2021: Report + Accounts
2020: Report + Accounts
2019: Report + Accounts
2018: Report + Accounts
2017: Report + Accounts
2014: Report + Accounts
2013: Report + Accounts

FIBER has an ”ANBI” status in The Netherlands and follows the Cultural Code of Governance, Code Diversity & Inclusion and Fair Practice Code. FIBER is registered at the tax authorities under the name: Stichting FIBER.

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Many thanks for your support

Connecting local and global, FIBER is part of a vibrant network of makers and partners who explore the boundaries of disciplines, art, design and technology. Together with our network we’re creating interactive environments, in the form of vibrant events, which offer unique opportunities for artistic experimentation and cultural exchange.