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    Realising immersive artistic experiences across many creative disciplines

What we do

FIBER is an Amsterdam based organisation, dedicated to present and initiate artistic productions at the intersection of audiovisual art, digital culture and electronic music. The team works year round with a vibrant network of artists, designers, technologists, researchers and organisations to reflect on the influence of technology and realise immersive artistic experiences across many creative disciplines. Special attention goes out to the support of up- and coming makers by connecting them with shared knowledge, organisations, networks and audiences.

FIBER works on a diverse range of activities; from the curation of events, exhibitions and audiovisual club experiences; the commissioning of performances and site-specific installations, to the exchange of knowledge within artist talks, workshops and showcases. The team is responsible for the recurring FIBER Festival, the Coded Matter(s) event series and the online FIBER Podcast series. Furthermore, FIBER cooperates with partner organisations, cultural institutions and companies to produce unique events.

Our Story

An exchange of ideas

FIBER is founded in 2011, when a group of like-minded friends decided to organize a festival that reflected their interest in electronic music, digital art and the synchronisation between sound and visuals. Through the combination of their own professions and creative network, the first edition of FIBER Festival was born on January 15 2011 at the renowned club TrouwAmsterdam. The festival brought together the works, showcases and live acts from 25 artists, 100 partners and attracted more than 1000 visitors.

A second edition followed in March 2012, now also inviting artists from different countries, such as Ukraine, Turkey and Mexico. Mid 2013 the organisation embarked on a new exploration with the ongoing Coded Matter(s) event series, which seeks out to thematically present and uncover the often hidden practice of makers working with code and complex computational systems. Thereby reflecting on the impact this development has on society and stimulating artists to share knowledge and ideas among each other.

FIBER Festival 2012

Aside from these self-initiated productions, FIBER works together with other festivals and organisations. We curated the exhibition (Im)possible Worlds with 6 installations from young Dutch artists at The Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam, 2012), participated within the Transnatural Festival (Amsterdam, 2012) and organised the DATABOOTH data visualisation workshops at MU as part of Ryoichi Ikeda’s exhibiton Data Scan (Eindhoven, 2013).

In close collaboration with Utrecht based SETUP and Liefhebber Design two huge edition of Bring Your Own Beamer XL (Utrecht, 2013) and Bring Your Own Beamer IN/OUTdoor (Amsterdam, 2012, with De Brakke Grond) introduced the general public with an array of audiovisual art projects and digital tools by starting and experienced makers. The ongoing FIBER podcast (2012 – present) presents upcoming and renowned electronic music creators from around the globe.

Throughout the years we’ve worked together with partners as Deframe (NL), KBK Visuals (NL), De Brakke Grond (NL), STEIM (NL), Hotpixel (MX), Cocolab (MX), TodaysArt (NL), MU (NL), Vice, Motherboard, CJP and supported young artist by connecting them with this (inter)national network.

Contact & Team

Get in touch

FIBER foundation

+31 (0)641235624


Tolhuisweg 2
1031 CL Amsterdam (NL)


J. van Wassenaar Obdamstraat 20-3
1057 JR Amsterdam (NL)


Director: Jarl Schulp
Programme Manager: Fabian van Sluijs
Communication Manager: Sandra van Beers

Curatorial Team

Jarl Schulp – talks, exhibition, AV
Fabian van Sluijs – talks, exhibition, education
Luuk Meuffels – club, club scenography
Carolien Teunisse – exhibition


Sandra van Beers – marketing, PR & communication
Jessica Dreu – documentation
Sietse van der Meer – communication
Toine Kamps – webdevelopment


Siuli Ko – lead
Bram Snijders – technical


Luuk Meuffels – curator
Fabian van Sluijs – editor


A selection of printed and online media

  • Coded Matters #6 Kiefer
    Algorave: coden in de club
    08/04/2014 Motherboard
    Supply Art Demand
    Het maakproces van een interactief object
    24/07/2014 Supply Art Demand
    Gecodeerde Sculptuur
    Gecodeerde Sculptuur
    14/04/2014 Metropolis M
    Marcel Wierckx
    What is the Question to Which Live Coding is the Answer?
    23/03/2014 Lownorth.nl
    DJbroadcast Coding The Club
    FIBER: Coded Matter(s) op 5 Days Off
    29/01/2014 DJBroadcast
    FIBER Podcast 20 - Leonid
    Top 10 DJ Mixes of 2013
    06/01/2014 That Special Record Blog
    Het is juist de imperfectie die dingen zo mooi maakt
    08/11/2013 Motherboard
    Sound Hackers imac
    Zijn nerds die nieuwe avant garde van de kunst?
    28/10/2013 Motherboard
  • Project BYOB In-Outdoor
    BYOB 2013 – Aftermovie
    14/10/2013 Youtube
    We’ve Been to See Coded Matter(s)
    21/10/2013 arcfinity.org
    Firestarters Coded Matters
    Analfabeet of architect van de toekomst
    20/09/2013 Vodafone Firestarters
    Metropolism Graffitizer
    Software the New Architecture?
    14/09/2013 Metropolis M
    Creative Coding
    Creative Coding als Kunstvorm
    03/09/2013 Motherboard
    Fontanel team FIBER
    3 vragen aan Coded Matter(s)
    04/09/2013 Fontanel
    A Vitruvian Man for the Digital Age
    A Vitruvian Man for the Digital Age
    04/04/2012 The Creators Project
    DJBroadcast FIBER Festival 2012
    FIBER Festival 2012
    27/03/2012 DJBroadcast
  • DJBroadcast FIBER Festival 2011
    FIBER Festival brengt disciplines samen
    06/01/2011 DJBroadcast


Many thanks for your support

Connecting local and global, FIBER is part of a vibrant network of makers and partners who explore the boundaries of disciplines, art, design and technology. Together with our network we’re creating interactive environments, in the form of vibrant events, which offer unique opportunities for artistic experimentation and cultural exchange.