For those of you who delight in the sounds of chip-tunes and 8-bit computer music; Monodeer is a new and rising chip-tune artist from Den Bosch. This Dutch city has a history of thriving underground musical subcultures within such as tekno, techno, acid and 8-bit oriented music. As participant of the first edition of FIBER Festival, Monodeer closed our DAY program with a live-set filled with his own massive bass-infused and melodic chip-tune tracks. For this performance he brought along his best friends: two classic game boys and a simple controller. For half an hour a dark, dense and detailed 8-bit wall of sound filled the basement we know as DeVerdieping, but the grooves and poppy themes in his tracks left plenty of room for the crowd to bop their heads to.

With the release of his first EP on PXL-Bot called “NOISE.BMP”, Mark lastly stepped into the realm of dubstep rhythms combined with dark clouds of bass. His use of pan and reverb-effects to create spatial arrangements in the sometimes flat 8-bit spectrum can be perceived as most impressive. Tracks like Hunters (the Chase) and Tubelights explore the edges of the 8-bit spectrum and make you forget all about the Nintendo associations you might still have at that point. Tracks like Shatter and Synthétiseur are massive bleep-killers and should be played at volume level 11.

“From start to finish this innovative and awe-inspiring release oozes a dark atmosphere from every orifice, creating one of the most refreshingly new sounding chip releases of the year. Think less dubstep, more darkstep.”

NOISE.BMP was hosted and released at (PB012)

Full EP: