Project: Sound of Signals
Sound Of Signals

Sound of Signals

six-channel interactive sound sculpture, 2012

Sound Of Signals is a six-channel interactive sound sculpture, in which the visitor becomes a part of a physical, sonic space of signals. The work speaks the language of communication technology. The speakers are autonomous entities in a polyphony of signals. The interactor forms a network with these entities through his behaviour.

In their latest collaborative project Koek and Lubberdink tap into virtual and undetected layers of modern communication signals between our mobile devices and the networks surrounding us. The installation allows visitors to experience the omnipresent connections between us and these networks.

The work has been created especially for the FIBER exhibition

Sound of Signals's artists:
Leon Lubberdink

Leon Lubberdink

Sound designer, DJ (NL)
Robin Koek

Robin Koek

composer / musician / designer (NL)
Sound of Signals participated in:

‘(Im)possible Worlds’, FIBER exhibition & opening at NIMk

(Im)possible Worlds opening hours Monday: closed Tuesday – Friday: 11:00-17:00 Saturday & Sunday: 13:00-17:00 Location: Keizersgracht 264 / 1016 EV Amsterdam We have been invited by …

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