Project: Schwarm


Generative software process; 2012

The software Schwarm is a constantly changing abstract composition running in real time. A uniformly moving collection of particles moves across a surface and leaves behind overlapping traces. This results in an unpredictable sequence of unique images. The software analyzes a sequence of images and uses their color values as the foundation for its drawing particles, which it then spreads, like a brush would spread paint. The paths taken by the individual lines are influenced by randomness. After a predefined amount of time a new image becomes the source of the composition and all values defining shape and direction of the movement are being reset. The transition between the images happens seamlessly and is barely perceptible watching the software in real time. The photographs only serve as a source for color and composition. The main focus is the ephemeral nature of the ever-changing composition.

While Schwarm has an almost tangible character – like the paintbrush stroke on a canvas – its not created directly by a human. The work comes into being through software which is executes a coded behaviour. By doing so, the computer system becomes an integral part of the creation and perception of the artwork itself. Interesting about this work is the almost organic and emotional Fischer created to experience a virtual computer process.

Schwarm's artists:
Nicolas Andreas Fischer

Nicolas Andreas Fischer

visual artist (DE)
Schwarm participated in:

‘(Im)possible Worlds’, FIBER exhibition & opening at NIMk

(Im)possible Worlds opening hours Monday: closed Tuesday – Friday: 11:00-17:00 Saturday & Sunday: 13:00-17:00 Location: Keizersgracht 264 / 1016 EV Amsterdam We have been invited by …

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