Project: PLPLPL.PL PT.9: Lost presence
Lost Presence

PLPLPL.PL PT.9: Lost presence

interactive installation, 2012

In this interactive mapping sculpture each segment of the installation shows a different moment in time. The audience, unaware of its digital presence at first, approaches the installation curiously. They stand, for a moment, in awe. Just as they are ready to move on, somebody discovers their own image on one of the many segments of the object. This is the starting point for a broad variety of actions and responses. Ranging from staring to dancing, narcissism to kissing and from jumping to laughing. Evoked by a highly fragmented playback.

In PLPLPL.PL PT.9 Matthias Oostrik presents us with a reconstructed and altered perception of time, behaviour and presence. He transforms a known virtual representation of ourselves – the camera vision – and scatters it over the polygon surface. This triggers the audience to interact with their virtual presence in a new and unexpected way. Discovering yourself over and over again, PLPLPL.PL PT.9 is extending our notion of reality through a virtual and computer-controlled component. Spectators become part of a large collective memory; caught like butterflies in virtual jars.

PLPLPL.PL PT.9: Lost presence's artists:
Matthias Oostrik

Matthias Oostrik

visual artist (NL)
PLPLPL.PL PT.9: Lost presence participated in:

‘(Im)possible Worlds’, FIBER exhibition & opening at NIMk

(Im)possible Worlds opening hours Monday: closed Tuesday – Friday: 11:00-17:00 Saturday & Sunday: 13:00-17:00 Location: Keizersgracht 264 / 1016 EV Amsterdam We have been invited by …

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