Project: AuxPulse
Aux Pulse


Ambient and IDM liveset on two Nintendo DS’s

AuxPulse are Rutger Muller and Michael Vultoo; two synth freaks blending classic analogue acid, electro, techno, IDM and ambient into a substance that could be a basic necessity of life in another dimension. Their music is inspired by anything strange and/or ravey.

AuxPulse create all their music on two mobile Nintendo DS game devices, running a virtual representation of the KORG DS-10 synthesizer. The two micro-controller musicians will produce multi-layered tracks, whilst standing in the middle of the audience, of IDM, ambient and acid. Whoever says you need loads of gear to create rich music; AuxPulse proves them wrong.

AuxPulse's artists:
Michael Vultoo

Michael Vultoo

musician (NL)
Rutger Muller

Rutger Muller

musician (NL)
AuxPulse participated in:

‘(Im)possible Worlds’, FIBER exhibition & opening at NIMk

(Im)possible Worlds opening hours Monday: closed Tuesday – Friday: 11:00-17:00 Saturday & Sunday: 13:00-17:00 Location: Keizersgracht 264 / 1016 EV Amsterdam We have been invited by …

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