Artist: Lieven van Velthoven
Lieven van Velthoven

Lieven van Velthoven

visual artist (NL)

Lieven van Velthoven is a game designer and hard/software hacker. He studies Media Technology in Leiden and develops games and generative visuals. Everything is either live or interacts. While he is still finalizing his study, his works have already been exhibited at places like FIBER Festival, Discovery Festival, Cinekid and ZKM Medien Museum in Karlsruhe.

Lieven van Velthoven's projects:
Virtual Growth

Virtual Growth

interactive projection mapping installation; 2010

Watch virtual ‘life’ overgrow the real world! This installation by Lieven van Velthoven starts from one or two spots and it will slowly but surely …


Smoke Pong


Lieven’s game ‘Smoke Pong’’ creates a private party for smokers. He developed a version of the old-school game Pong were the paddles can only be …


Interactive Particle Visuals

interactive visuals

Lieven van Velthoven is a hacker, game designer and interactive VJ with his self-made software. The visuals are made out of millions of particles created …

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